Announcing Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame!

by Joe on

Empyrios is our upcoming tactical strategy RPG set in a fantasy world that we have lovingly crafted. The core focus is on combat between two squads, which takes place on a hex grid in turn based fashion. There are over 50 uniquely designed environments full of obstacles and varying terrain, each requiring a completely different strategy to defeat your enemies.

Assorted Empyrios Environments

The world of Borealis is divided into two warring factions, each comprised of four unique races. Each race has five distinct character units such as magic users, hardened warriors, assassins, support and healing classes, and hybrids with a mix of skills.

Empyrios Races

Each unit has three unique abilities such as melee attacks, area of effect magic spells, resurrection spells, setting traps, buffs and debuffs, and many others. This gives you a total of 120 distinct abilities with which to command your squad’s tactics in battle.

Empyrios Grid Example

When a unit is selected you are shown the available tiles on the grid that it is able to move to (white), or use an ability (red for attack/debuffs, blue for healing/buffs), depending on what you have selected on the action bar.

Empyrios Selected Action

Between battles you can customize your units in order to fit your play style and build new strategies. These can range from small bonuses to damage and healing, boosting health and power, reducing power costs on abilities, or adding additional effects such as stuns and life drains. This allows you to have two or more of the same unit on the battlefield, each with slightly varied stats and skills.

Empyrios Mastery Tree

There are a variety of game modes including two full campaigns (one per faction), local multiplayer, and online multiplayer where you can play unranked matches against friends or compete in ranked matches in various leagues while tracking your progress on the leaderboards.

Empyrios Campaign Selection

You will also find a vast amount of unlockables including profile backgrounds and emblems, team colours, and of course achievements. The game is cross platform so your campaign progress, custom squads, and unlockables will be available on any platform as long as you’re connected online.

That’s our very quick and basic game summary. We will be showing much more in the near future and going much more in depth on the game systems. So make sure to follow us on twitter, and like us on facebook so we can keep you informed!