Happy Holidays from Aeloria!

by Joe on

Brute Merry Christmas


We’ve been working extremely hard preparing our next major build of Darktide for testing, and we’re hoping to have it ready quite soon, once the holidays are over. It has taken a lot longer than originally planned, as we fund development of the game by doing a lot of contract work, so our time has been split between projects. Our original plan was to move into full time development during the summer months, but we had much more work than anticipated, although it has built us a nice buffer for now. The good news is that over the last month we have ramped up our schedule, and development has been progressing at a much faster pace.

Porting our code over to the Unity engine went very smoothly, and the vast majority of bugs have now been worked out. Right now we’re cleaning a lot of the AI and campaign systems that were still duct taped together using legacy code. Once those tasks are complete we’ll be in an absolutely perfect spot on a technical level, and we’ll be able to start building in features that we’re currently missing.

While that was happening there has been a massive amount of work done on the game design and dynamic campaign, and the game has a much better overall feel. The story arcs are much more coherent, the world feels much more alive, and the entirety of the dialogue has been completely rewritten from scratch. We also tested to see what a shared co-op campaign mode would feel like, if it’s something that we can afford to do, and some really great ideas that came out of that work. We’ve even integrated some of them into single player mode already.

From everyone here at Creoterra, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday season, and we’ll see you shortly with a pretty massive update!

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